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  1. Q. Is it too late to enter the 2017 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon?
    A. No. You can still enter online through the link on the website.

  2. Q. I have moved. How do I let you know my change of address?
    A. Please email with your name, date of birth, telephone number, old address and your new address. Your address details will then be changed in our system and a confirmation will be emailed to you when this has been done. Please do not call the helpdesk with changes of address as these can only be processed by email.

  3. Q. My friend/ family member is unable to run but has a place; can I run using their entry?
    A. Places in the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon are not transferable under any circumstances (see terms and conditions of entry).Anyone attempting to run using another person’s entry will be disqualified and banned for life from the Dubai Marathon.

  4. Q. Can I change my start to be with my partner/friend/etc?
    A. No, unfortunately this is not possible. The number of runners on each start is carefully calculated and it is therefore not possible to move runners from one start to another. Please note there are marshals on each start to check that runners are on the correct start.


  1. Q. Where do I collect my running number?
    A. All runners must collect their running number and registration pack from the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon run number collection point at Meydan. The entrance is to the left of the Meydan Hotel. The venue is the Turf Suite on the 4th Floor. Please see map for details of the location.

  2. Q. When is the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon Race Pack Collection?
    A. The collection runs from 16th-19th Jan 2017 and is open at the following times at the MEYDAN – TURF SUITE.


    Monday 16 January 10am-9pm
    Tuesday 17 January 10am-7pm
    Wednesday 18 January 10:00-7pm
    Thursday 19 January 10am-5pm

    Please note that the registration desks will shut promptly at 5pm on Thursday 19th January and it is not possible, under any circumstances, to collect running numbers after that time.

  3. Q. What do I need to bring with me?
    A. You must bring your final confirmation email plus valid ID with your photograph (eg valid passport or driving licence with photograph) with you to collect your running number.If your passport is out-of-date or you have an old-style driving licence with no photograph, then please bring another form of photographic ID.

  4. Q. What will happen if I don’t get to registration before 5pm on Thursday 19th January?
    A. Registration will close promptly at 5pm on Thursday 19th January 2017 and no running numbers will be issued after this time under any circumstances. We strongly suggest that you allow plenty of time to collect your running number. Failure to collect your running number means you will not be able to run in the 2017 Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon.

  5. Q. Can I arrange for someone else to collect for me?
    A. Yes, you can nominate someone to collect your number for you. The person you nominate must have the following with them when they attend registration:


    • A letter written and signed by you authorising the person by name to collect your running number

    • The person collecting your number must have suitable photographic identification with them and a copy of your ID.

    If these instructions are not followed, the running number will not be issued.


  1. Q. How do I know what to do on Race Day?
    A. A Final Instructions email with full details of everything you need to know will be sent to you on January 9th. This will include information about collecting your running number and registration pack, getting to the start and final preparations.

  2. Q. What time does the race start?
    06:30 The Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon for Men & Women
    09:00 The Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 10km Road Race for Men & Women
    11:00 The Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon 4km Fun Run for Men & Women

  3. Q. What time do I need to get to the start?
    A. We suggest you get to your allocated start at least one hour before the race begins. This will allow time for you to put your baggage bag on the baggage cabins, use the facilities, warm up and take your position in the start pens.

  4. Q.What flavours of Isostar are available during the race?
    A. Orange flavour Isostar will be available in paper cups.This will be available at six Drinks Stations along the course at 10k, 15k, 20k, 25k, 30k, and 35k.

  5. Q. What other drinks are available on the course and where?
    A. 330ml bottles of Oasis Mineral Water are offered at every 5km and intermediary stations in between.

  6. Q. Where are the toilets and showers along the course?
    A. Toilets are available at all the starts and at every 5km point on the course.


  1. Q. How can I meet up with friends/relatives after the race?
    A. You should decide on the time and place to meet based on your predicted finish time.Please remember that it can take up to 40 minutes from the time the runner has crossed the Finish Line for the runner to collect their finisher’s medal and water, kitbag and exit the secure area at the finish.

  2. Q. Where can I park near the finish?
    A. There is no public parking near the finish. It is strongly recommended that you use public transport.


  1. Q. I want to watch the race – what advice can you give me?
    A. There are lots of good locations around the course on Jumeirah Beach Road with good access coming from the Al Wasl Road direction. Please refer to the Marathon Map to plan your viewing. There are two grandstands at the finish area with free seating on a first come first served basis.

  2. Q. Can I track a runner during the race?
    A. Yes. On Race Day, there will be a link to our tracking service on the home page of The best way to track a runner is by using the runner’s running number. If you do not have the running number, it is also possible to search for a runner by surname

  3. Q. Can I watch the Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon on television?
    A. Yes. Full details to follow.

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